Awards for choristers: Bronze, Silver and Gold

2019 Chorister Exams

This year the RSCM chorister exams for Ely Diocese will be held at St. John’s church, Cambridge on Saturday 16th March 2019. These are for singers of all ages who would like to take their bronze (Dean’s) or silver (Bishop’s) award. Please complete the entry form (download from here) and send to Elizabeth Trenchard ( with the fee of £25 per exam before 1st March.

Successful candidates will be presented with their awards at the Diocesan festival in Ely Cathedral on Saturday 18th May.

Please see here for the current exam syllabus

Please contact the awards administrator Elizabeth Trenchard for further details.

Tips on preparing for awards:

  1. Pay attention to breathing and phrasing in the sung pieces, make sure your voice is supported by good breath control.
  2. Encourage candidates to read the Good candidates/Poor candidates section of the syllabus for general tips and guidance- might save choir trainers time in rehearsal!
  3. Don’t forget to do plenty of sight singing and aural practice before hand – this section can be the difference between pass/fail, or merit/distinction.
  4. Talk through your chosen season and bible references etc. for Section E with your parish priest – prepare what you want to talk about in the exam.

Child Protection

Choir Directors should ensure that parental/guardian permission is obtained prior to entering children (U18) as candidates for the RSCM Awards. Parents/guardians are reminded that this examination will take place in a room with only the candidate and the examiner present (unless otherwise informed when details are confirmed after applications have been received). There will be another adult supervisor present outside the room, and this person, as well as the examiner, will have fulfilled all RSCM child protection clearance procedures. If Choir Directors intend to bring U18 candidates without parents/guardians present, they will need to have a completed permission slip signed by the candidate’s parents/guardians. A template for this is available. Please contact Elizabeth Trenchard ( for details or further information.